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This page at the Horn Doctor is where you can watch and learn about different instruments in band and orchestra.  Just click the videos below. It is that easy!!

While watching the videos, keep in mind which instrument is the most exciting for you to listen to and, how much fun you will have playing it in band or orchestra.

After watching the videos about band and orchestra, scroll down for a more in-depth video about your favorite instrument. Enjoy!



Band Instrument Overview


Orchestra Instrument Overview


Flute Fundamentals


Violin Fundamentals

Oboe Fundamentals


Viola Fundamentals

Clarinet Fundamentals


Cello Fundamentals

Bassoon Fundamentals


Bass Fundamentals

Saxophone Fundamentals


French Horn Fundamentals


Trumpet Fundamentals


Trombone Fundamentals


Baritone/Euphonium Fundamentals


Tuba Fundamentals


Percussion Fundamentals


Mallet Fundamentals


Tympani Fundamentals



US Army Jazz Band