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A&S Crafted Products CARX Carousel Deluxe Rotating Guitar Stand - 6 Guitars

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Do you have too many guitars in too little space?

Are you searching for the absolute best multiple guitar stand on the market? The pièce de résistance? Well, here it is. Introducing the Carousel Deluxe Rotating Multi Guitar Stand which can store 6 instruments in just 3 sq. feet of floor space. That is NOT a typo! With the Expansion Tier, store up to 12 guitars in 3 sq feet of floor space. Call us for details 907-272-4676

Consolidate your collection

Save space and get a beautiful piece of furniture too. And if you’re searching for a great gift, you’ll be sure to knock it out of the park with the Carousel Deluxe.

Holds Most Popular Guitar Types

The Carousel is designed to fit most regular sized acoustics, electrics, basses and banjos too.

Rotating Base for 360° Access & Display

The supporting base can be easily rotated so you can display or access any instrument, regardless of whether the stand is in the middle of the room, up against a wall, in a corner or between two pieces of furniture. You can also secure the stand in place with the locking dowel mechanism. And our original "neck gates" keep guitar necks safely in position.

Optional Top Tier (Sold Separately)

The optional expansion tier (sold separately) can be added on so you can store 6 more instruments as your collection grows over time. No need for you to allocate any more storage space in your music room or studio where space may already be at a premium.

Nitrocellulose Safe

The Carousel is a nitrocellulose-safe guitar stand. All instrument contact points are covered with non-reactive felt. The base supports also use non-reactive foam cushioning material to protect your vintage guitars which often have a nitrocellulose finish. Unlike the Carousel, many rubber or petroleum based stands are not compatible with this type of finish and can cause deterioration and discoloration that can harm your guitar.

American-Made Craftsmanship

The Carousel is handcrafted and made in the USA, designed and built to last by a passionate team of people who deeply care about your satisfaction. It features decorative herringbone wood inlay edging and sapele mahogany wood surfaces—making it a beautiful furniture addition to your music room, studio, man cave or even retail shop.

Model: CARX
Manufacturer: A&S Crafted Products

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