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Trevor James CV-HRO Chanson Flute - Offset G


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Serial #: 213661
Manufacturer Part #:CV-HRO
Regular Price: $2,500.00
On Sale For: $1,850.00

    Established in London in 1979, Trevor James Flutes have become the leading English flute brand on the international stage. Trevor James blends traditional flute manufacturing techniques with a modern approach to design consultation with leading artists, teachers, and musicians of all abilities and ages from around the world.

Trevor James Cantabile

    The Trevor James Cantabile is the ideal step-up flute for the established flute player looking for the added richness of tone that a sterling silver headjoint provides. The new Voce headjoint has warmth, power, dynamic flexibility, and a wide array of tonal colors.

Voce Headjoint

    Trevor James has been working with flute headjoint makers for the past few years to find a new headjoint design that would not only resonate with the instrument but also feel ‘head and shoulders’ above comparable brands. The team at TJ always wanted to call the headjoint ‘Voce,’ which is Italian for ‘Voice’ and knew that the design had to be worthy of the name. With the new Voce headjoint, when a player tests a Trevor James Cantabile flute, they will able to find their true voice.

Pointed Key Arms

    Non-fingered keys feature French-style pointed key arms, similar to those found on high-end handmade flutes. Their beautiful designs are inspired by traditional European styling.

Italian Pads

    High-quality Italian pads with accurate airtight seal which is vitally important to the performance of the instrument


    Triple plated finish with a double layer of silver-plating on top of a flash copper coating gives durability to the silver finish of each instrument


    All Trevor James Flutes go through a rigorous quality control process, including a final check by the certified technicians at the Flute Authority in Iowa, USA.


  • Footjoint Type: B Footjoint
  • Key Type: Open Hole
  • Key System: Offset G
  • Split E Mechanism: NA
  • C# Trill Key: NA
  • Headjoint Material: 958 Britannia Silver
  • Body Material: Nickel-Silver
  • Footjoint Material: Nickel-Silver
  • Lip Plate: Sterling Silver

Model: CV-HRO
Manufacturer: Trevor James

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