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Gold Tone F-12 Mando-Guitar

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SKU:  ae00-2367^F-12
Manufacturer Part #:  F-12
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With standard E-E tuning this guitar is built using a larger “Artist” or F-Style Mandola type body to increase the resonant air chamber providing more volume, better low-end response. It uses an extended 15” scale allowing for more hand room. Barre chords are even possible near the nut. The Zero Glide alleviating the string tension which is common with short scale instruments. It has a radiused fretboard for comfort, ebony bridge and contains a built-in pickup for easy plugged-in playing. This guitar adds another voicing to add to your recording studio, band, solo gig, or just to jam with. Comes with a soft case!

Model: F-12
Manufacturer: Gold Tone

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