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Yamaha APXT2-OVS 3/4 Thinline A/E, Spruce T, Meranti B/S, Old Violin Burst w/bag

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SKU:  ae00-2981^APXT2-OVS
Manufacturer Part #:  APXT2-OVS
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Acoustic guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments you can enjoy with ease While you need high-quality guitars that pursue a richer, well-balanced tone, it is also growing in popularity of small guitars that are easy to carry and can be played anywhere. In recent years, a superior pickup system has been developed so that you can get natural tone through the amplifier even in difficult playing environments that can be difficult to use microphones, and there is more space for acoustic guitars. The APX traveler "APXT2" is a model that is equipped with a professional pickup system for small guitars. Featuring an adorable design that takes our legendary electric acoustic guitar "APX Series" a little smaller and is equipped with our own authentic "A.R.T." pickup system. It is small but not only a string vibration, but also can output the whole body sound to the amplifier, giving you a natural and rich acoustic guitar sound.

Model: APXT2-OVS
Manufacturer: Yamaha

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