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Holton H181 Double French Horn


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Serial #: 596849
Manufacturer Part #:H181
Regular Price: $6,948.00
On Sale For: $4,681.00

A rose brass bell for an especially dark tone. Holton horns offer an alternative in design that creates a great experience for the young or advanced players. This Farkas model offers independent tuning for convenience allowing the player to tune the Bb side of the horn seperately from the F side. This Farkas Wrap horn offers a large throat bronze bell with solid brass bow and branches. In addition, the Holton Farkas horns all feature an independent tuning slide for the Bb side of the instrument for convenience. Holton horns also feature tapered rotors which create longevity for the instrument. Like all Farkas horns, the H181 is capable of eloquent espression over wide dynamic range. It can be played loud without a brassy edge, and softly with full tone. The rose brass bell gives it a darker tone than other Farkas horns. Model H181 features a bronze bell that produces a darker sound. Capable of a wide range of dynamics,it can be played loud without a brassy edge to the sound. Key of F/Bb double; .468" bore; 12-1/4" large-throated, hand-hammered, red brass bell; .310 venturi of nickel silver; tapered, hand-lapped brass rotors; solid brass branches and bows with nickel silver ferrules; solid nickel silver slides inside and out.

Model: H181
Manufacturer: Holton

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